CANTON (also known as “Field” or “Jack”): any quarter of a flag, but commonly means the upper hoist (left) quarter, such as the field of stars in the flag of the United States or the Union Flag in the Australian Flag.

CLEAT: the device used to secure the bottom of the flagpole halyard.

EMBLEM (or “Charge”): a device often used as an emblem on a flag. It may be heraldic in origin or modern. For example, the maple leaf on the Canadian Flag.

FIELD: the background of a flag; the color behind the charge or emblem.

FIMBRIATION: a narrow edging or border, often in white or gold, on a flag to separate two other colors. As on the state flag of Mississippi.

FINIAL: a decorative top for a flagpole. Can be referred to as an ornament, often an eagle, spear or ball.

FLAG FASTENERS: hardware that attaches flags to small poles without the use of a halyard. Most often found in Flag Sets sold for homeowners.

FLASH COLLAR: also called a Ground Collar, it covers the base of the pole and is used for cosmetic and protective purposes.

FLY END (or “Length”): the half or edge of a flag farthest away from the flagpole. This term also sometimes refers to the horizontal length of a flag.

GROMMET: a brass ring or eyelet usually in the heading for mounting outdoor flags.

HALYARD: also called rope, line or cord. Used to raise the flag and secure it to the flagpole. Maybe external or internal.

HEADING: the heavy fabric part of a flag that is used to secure the flag to the halyard (or other means of connecting to the pole). It is usually made of a durable canvas duck, woven from a natural or synthetic fabric.

HOIST (”End” or “Width”): the edge of a flag nearest to the flagpole. This term also sometimes refers to the vertical width of a flag.

POLE SLEEVE (or “Pole Hem”): A type of heading that uses the base fabric of the flag to construct a sleeve that usually slides over a pole with a tab to attach near the top. Generally speaking Pole Sleeves are not lined for outdoor flags or banners and Pole Hems are lined with flannel or other fabric when used on Indoor and Parade flags.

ROPED HEADING: a type of heading where the hoist end is reinforced with a rope sewn into and throughout the heading. Most often used on 8 ft. x 12 ft. and larger flags.

SNAP HOOKS: Hardware that attaches the flag to the halyard. Usually made of nylon or brass.

TRUCK: the device at the top of an outdoor flagpole that houses the pulley wheel.

WIDTH: the span of a flag down the side parallel to the flag pole.