The American flag, better known as Old Glory, is the symbol of our country and deserves respect, but many people wonder what is the proper etiquette for an American flag? We have many laws and customs to ensure that the flag is displayed properly and treated with honor, and the proper etiquette for an American flag is followed. According to AC Flag and Banner, the American flag flies only from sunrise to sunset, but if it’s properly illuminated at night, it can be flown in the dark as well, according to the proper etiquette for an American flag.

Proper etiquette for an American flag also requires that the flag should be hoisted quickly and brought down ceremoniously. The union, the blue field of stars, should be placed on the left when you are looking at it. No other flag can be placed above it. The American flag should always be in the superior position. For example, a state flag should always fly underneath the American flag on a flag pole. The flag is flown upside down only in an emergency as a signal of distress. The flag should always be cleaned and mended if needed. If it’s too ripped or faded, it should be retired by burning it in a ceremonious and dignified way.

The President of the United States may order the American flag flown at half-staff as a sign of mourning. On Memorial Day, traditionally the United States flag flies at half-staff from when the sun comes up until noon. Then it should be flown at full-staff starting from noon until the sun sets.

If the flag is displayed on top of a casket, it should have the union at the head and over the left shoulder. The proper etiquette for an American flag is not to let it be lowered into the grave or touch the ground. In fact, the flag should never touch the ground and if bringing it down from a flag pole should be held in the hands and folded neatly and ceremoniously if you are storing it.

AC Flag and Banner says the appropriate rules for the United States flag requires you to salute it as it is raised and lowered. Even if the flag passes by in a parade or procession, you should always face the flag and salute it. Someone in a uniform gives a formal salute, if not, place your right hand over your heart.

The flag should not be used for decoration, any costume, or for advertising. The flag should never be used in a way to cause it to be ripped, soiled or damaged. You can wear a flag lapel pin near your heart. Nothing should be written on the flag. The correct usage of the United States Old Glory, states that the flag should never be stepped on or used to hold or carry anything. The flag should be flown only if the weather is nice unless an all-weather flag used.

AC Flag and Banner located in Metro Denver Colorado knows the American flag represents our country, and the way we display it, using the proper etiquette of the American flag, is important to the dignity and history of the United States.